So what is Spread Goodness® anyway?

The mission of Spread Goodness® is to uplift the vibration of the planet through acts of human kindness and generosity of spirit.

We are inundated with information on a daily basis that can easily make us question the state of our world. However, the perception of negativity we observe through various forms of media doesn’t necessarily reflect our daily experiences. If we were to step back and genuinely take stock of our world today, we can see that the good out there FAR outweighs the bad, yet it remains highly underrepresented in society today.

Spread Goodness® aims to change that with the launch of The Spread Goodness® Challenge, the first of many viral campaigns under the umbrella of our mission. At Spread Goodness®, we believe that every act of kindness can inspire more of the same in ourselves and others. The energy created when we give, receive and recognize more loving acts of kindness has a ripple effect that can change the world. And who wouldn’t want to be “inundated” with more of that?

How Spread Goodness® came to be…

After a break-up three years ago, I took a road trip with my dog Elwood to help heal my heart.

My best dog and partner, Elwood in Sedona.

On our last day, I happened upon a beautiful artist community called Telaquepaque. I’ve always loved hearts and was drawn to a bead store with baskets of these red and blue heart beads out front. The store clerk graciously offered to put each bead on it’s own leather necklace and I practically skipped out of the store with my new bargain finds in tow.

I drove home and the next morning woke up with that feeling of post-vacation let-down. As I was getting dressed, I put on one of my new necklaces, and as a way to perk myself up, charged myself with a mission for the day. I decided that if anyone complimented me on my necklace, I would give it to them. So off I went to my dentist appointment. As soon as we met, the first thing my dental assistant Nicole said to me was, “Oooh! I love your necklace!” So just as I had promised myself, I started taking it off and said that I would like to give it to her. She shook her hands and said, “No, no, I couldn’t!” I insisted and she was overwhelmed with emotion. She later told me how much that necklace meant to her because as a giver and caretaker, she was so used to doing for others and that was the first time in a very long time that someone had done something for her. I had no idea how this simple gesture could have such a profound impact. Every time I went back to that office, Nicole would be wearing that necklace. She said she never took it off. This experience had a profound impact on me too! I woke up just a few days later, shot out of bed and exclaimed out loud, “This HAS to be a THING!!!”

Spread Goodness® is born from the belief that the simplest act of kindness has the power to have the most profound impact. More to come…

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